Utilization of drones in construction industry

Drone vantage of construction

Drones in Construction

Drones are becoming increasingly utilized in the construction industry, driven by affordability and accessibility drones can often be a key piece of kit to keep your project costs down.


But what can investing in drone technologies or operators do for your construction business?

Progress reporting and project/stakeholder communication

Getting information on a given project can be made visually appetizing whilst providing a complete picture of genuine progress. Giving greater confidence to your stakeholders.

Estimate costs quickly and easily & obtain cheap site survey information or site maps

Drones are quick, cheap and readily available for gathering information about a particular site. Depending on how much information you need anything from a few pictures to a complete terrain map will make sure your one step ahead, without the need to put boots and equipment on the ground.

Instant measurements

Drone maps or photos can be instantly referred to, even from back in the office, making key information and measurements readily available, avoiding costly repeat visits.

Safe and compliant

Established drone operators will be qualified with a CAA-approved NQE. Meaning they’re already armed with the knowledge to keep your personnel safe, whilst additionally they can provide safety and security through photo and video from key positions in the sky.

Digital terrain modelling

Emerging technologies allow computers to join together the images collected from drones and using the geo-tagged information, can stitch them together into a full map of an area including elevation and obstacles, giving you a virtual visual reference of a particular area of interest.

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